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Published Dec 15, 21
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Moore Pet Supplies LLC is serving customers since 1996, when the Internet first began to retail.

We are the Internet's top-selling retailer of pet doors. We offer a complete selection of pet gates, along with excellent customer service.

Moore Pet Supplies carries the majority of major brands and also offers custom made inserts and pet doors for patios and windows.

The Largest Selection Of Pet Gates

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Even without the use of a fixture or pressure, custom gates can be mounted. They can be extended up to fifteen inches if they are in larger spaces. To make temporary pens, you can adjust multiple models.

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Pressure Mounted Garages

Pressure Mounted pet gate are designed to be wedged with pressure between two surfaces. Most models have no residue marks or marring on walls. These gates can be pressure mounted and are very strong and secure.

The main factor in this is based on the material of your gate. It can be made of plastic, wood or steel. These pressure-mounted gates are extremely easy to put up and remove easily so they're a popular choice with pet owners.

Catio - Tips For Finding A Good Company

When you have designated areas of your yard where dogs may be disruptive, outdoor dog barriers can make a big difference. This includes your property lines and any heavy machinery. The right gate will save a dog's life and reduce moral hazards.

These gates can also be weatherproofed against rain and snow. These gates will last for a long time, and can be left outside for long-term. Freestanding ones can be carried around, and they can be adjusted to your liking.

Hardware-mounted pet gates are those that need to be mounted or fixed with hardware. They can be installed on any post or surface. Customers who require a pet gate in a specific location are likely to prefer these gates.

Hardware-mounted gates have a different strength and level of security than pressure-mounted. This is because they can be made of either plastic, metal or wood. Both options offer permanent and secure options. Metal and wood gate are better for both.

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Stairway Gates can be used for stairs and stairways. These gate models only allow you to open one way. This is important because you don't want the dog gate door to open in all directions.

This gate protects against hazards. How? The gate would open only from the staircase or stairway. Many gates come with hardware that can attach to the swing hinge. This allows you to open the gate in the desired direction.

Pet Gates for Free

A freestanding gate can be used to prevent a dog from entering any space without the need for pressure mounts or fixtures. They can also be taken with you to vacations or new homes. The final touch is easy assembly.

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If you have untrained dogs or animals that are difficult to train, you can convert them into dog pens. You can adjust the size by disconnecting panels and connecting them, as we mentioned above. You can choose from plastic or hardwood to reinforce your gate.

Safety gates for dogs with a dog door

Safety Gates (or JPMA Certified Gates) are approved for use with infants, toddlers and babies. Models with dog doors can be opened to allow canines to roam and keep children in a designated area. Although gates can work well for pets and other pets, some may not be appropriate for children. Make sure you choose a product that has safety certifications if you have a small child or pet.


This does not mean that it will protect you from any negative situation. Parents and guardians must understand that no product is safe if it is not certified. Moore Pet Supplies can offer Safety Certified gates based upon the information provided by individual manufacturers. We don't certify or make any claims that one product is better or safer than another for children under the age of 5.

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Moore Pet Supplies can help you find your dog or puppy gate

Moore Pet Supplies believes that the right tool will make your household safe, secure, and healthy. We stock pet supplies such as gates and other accessories to improve your pet's quality of life.

Get in touch today to order your gate. Our customer service team is available to assist you in defining space and establishing boundaries within your household.


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For most pet owners, purchasing a pet gate or dog kennel is just as common as buying a kennel. A common need is to confine a pet to a specific area or keep them from roaming around other areas. This is often necessary when there are house guests, repairs, or delicate items being delivered. No matter what occasion, the gate is always handy.

Catio - Tips For Finding The Best Company


There are many options for pet gates. You can pick from different types and styles. There are many styles to choose from. The width and height of the gate will often dictate its use. The width of hallways gates is usually narrower than those for entryways and room dividing or pet barriers.

We are still the only online pet door retailer with trained installers in all aspects of pet door installation.

This is the place to go if your looking for a pet-friendly door. MoorePet supplies prides itself on offering high-quality pet doors that are suitable for all types of applications. We sell pet doors to doors, windows, screens and patios.

The MaxSeal Pro is our top-selling doggie door. It's a hand-built door by Security Boss Manufacturing that offers the highest insulation and security. Two aluminum hinged, magnetically sealed vinyl flaps seal the door and provide maximum security. These doors are available in door-mounted models, wall-mounted, through glass and through French doors.

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You are looking for a low-cost door? Security Boss Standard Pet Doors. These doors are an affordable alternative to MaxSeal. They have one flap instead of two flaps and feature a solid HDPE panels.

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